I think we are starting a new nighttime schedule

An hour after supper we all have a tea or hot chocolate. Then about another hour we have a smoothie.
There is more and more studies showing having something before bed improves on quality of sleep. Of course it can’t be a huge meal. Many fruits especially bananas and berries are excellent choices. Bananas have been shown to help night leg pain and cramps.
Anyway for what its worth this is working well for the kiddos and I.


Along with the nutritional and sleep benefits there is another benefit. Children benefit from schedules themselves. So good on you.


Thanks! I am hoping my son feels better for school tomorrow.

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oh no is he getting sick?

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Has bad headaches. He’s been cutting sugar out for about 2 weeks and I think that may be the culprit.

Oh I’m so sorry. My son gets migraines. It can be really frustrating. I would do anything to take away his pain, poor buddy. I hope your son feels better.

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I understand that! He’s not a headachy person which is why I figured it must be the sugar withdrawal. At least he puts a bit of sugar in his tea.

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I bet you’re right about the sugar and headaches. It shouldn’t last much longer

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