I think too many people are ego driven

Feel free to respond your views because I value yours more than many Normie’s because I trust you Get the disability… But, I said I was thinking of doing a gofundme for my art and a negative woman responded vaguely with sarcasm against me…

And I get to thinking so many people are against others for the sake of false pride… I absolutely believe there are more important fundraisers than home digital art but if someone were to think it worthy… Why not?

I don’t trust gofundme anyway tho


Ego is my favorite word. I studied it, obsessed over it, for 7 years. Tried to dissolve it. I agree people are too ego driven. I don’t get it why people are so selfish. I don’t worry about it as much anymore.

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Good on you for doing charity though.

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■■■■ them and their egos…and people do gofundme for lots of reasons…I saw one where someone spent all their money on the lotto and now needed rent money…so no worries about the negative people…be like budha kill the flaw that is the ego…

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Gofundme is a fundraiser but i was thinking of asking for funds for my art. I contribute to charity sometimes yeah but maybe i didn’t say it correctly aboveabove. Thanks tho :slight_smile:

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