I think this makes sense under your paradigm

That the reason negative symptoms as far as cognition exist is because brain resources are being used on positive symptoms such as hallucinations. For instance, my voices can be intelligent and insightful, so this would make sense under your paradigm where 2 consciousnesses exist in one brain, although it doesn’t explain how the “other consciousness” has control/dominion of the primary’s thoughts, emotions, dreams, etc.

I think it’s dangerous to break up consciousness into constituent parts. You can do that, but you shouldn’t call them another consciousness or a separate consciousness. Consciousness should include all your thinking and feeling, sensations and impulses, the muscles as well. One can suffer from positive and negative symptoms at the same time. I have broken my consciousness up into sequential mind states or moods.


I used to be able to divide my consciousness into four primary regions, then I dubbed them with names and tried to develop them into characters. It worked for a while, then medication blunted it all to hell.

I still am answering to “higher” forms of consciousness, though. What region of the brain are they located in? The truth is, they aren’t located in my brain, it heavily feels like objective, external stimuli - not some subjective delusion of the brain. If it is all merely self-projection, I would know, I would feel it. However, it plays out more like an outside invasion of my consciousness. Tell that to doctors and they’ll have a field day trying to get you on new medications.