I think they knew I was poor

I would have given my daughter every anti inflammatory food source

Instead of 2400mg of ibuprofen a day

Screw it. Retrospect she didn’t even need it.


There are a lot of medical decisions I would have made differently had I known better at the time. I regret a lot of them.


You are someone I knew who’d respond.

You do what you think is right at that time.

No regrets.


I am only on antipsychotic,blood pressure medicine I skipped even though the doctor suggested me to take it last year

That can be a pretty risky thing to not take. Why did you decide not to take it?

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I was on antipsychotic at that time.Then after 7 years or 8 on ap suddenly I develop HBP,I seen people on the internet starting to develop more illness and taking more meds,like 7-8 different kind of medicine,that’s when I decided something is going wrong

So do you still take the AP? Is your bp still high?

I am still taking,my blood pressure is around 130-140

I take (I think) 12 different meds, and my BP runs 100/60 at the highest. Some meds may cause that, but certainly not all. In fact, meds like prazosin or propranolol can lower your blood pressure.

@Daze I think there are things we all would do differently if we could. Hindsight and all that. I know there is a lot that I regret, and I wish I could change things. But the past is the past. I’m sure you were just doing your best. And there is NOTHING wrong with being poor. I grew up poor, and it’s really made me appreciate what I have now. It’s always nice to have more, but in the end, we can’t take it with us…

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