I think they followed me on vacation

I am on vacation visiting family and I feel like I am being followed everywhere I look people are watching and their thoughts are big broadcast to me they make me feel so insecure in my head I say mean things about myself and I don’t know why but the Amazon Alexa just turned on without anyone saying anything and started playing a Justin Bieber despacito remix wtf I freaked out ran to it and unplugged it this happened as I was typing this the government was probably using it to listen to my dad and I but I don’t want to tell him I keep it a secret from everyone even my pdoc doesn’t know why do they hate me so much? The FBI is so scary

You sound extremely paranoid. Are you taking any meds?

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2400mg gabapentin daily split into 3 doses pdoc wants me on Zoloft too but Prozac made me so manic I started ■■■■■■■ my ex gf again and that didn’t turn out so well since she’s bipolar and delusional so I don’t know why he would want me on a anti depressant an AP is out of the question I took seroquel it made me into a zombie I felt like I had no brain so I tell my pdoc I get really paranoid but he doesn’t know everything about the fbi and I just lie so they don’t put me in a hospital sometimes it’s really bad other times not as bad today is a very bad day

The best thing you can do is tell your pdoc everything that’s going on with you. There are other APs besides Seroquel. You don’t have to be a zombie and it could really help you out with all this. I don’t think gabapentin is gonna make all this go away. You need more help than that.


I’m out of state so I don’t know if I’d be able to get a prescription from him I might be able to schedule a phone call with him Every time I talk about my anxiety he just recommends trying different anti depressants but I don’t want those I think the Prozac helped for a little bit then made things really bad he said not all anti depressants are the same and that I should try different ones

I am sza bipolar type and ADs make me manic. If the Prozac made you manic then your pdoc needs to be careful prescribing them to you. How long are you gonna be out of state? You really need to talk to your pdoc about all this stuff. If you don’t feel he is helping you you’re always free to find another pdoc to go to.


Yeah but how would that work does my new psychiatrist have to talk to him or get paper work from him I don’t know what to do because he knows I have a history of substance abuse and I wouldn’t want a new psychiatrist to know the extent of that because they might hold back on giving me meds that could really help like he does he says benzos are out of the question so I look up other alternatives online to help but then he won’t even give me lyrica and keeps pushing anti depressants every time we talk

If you go to a new pdoc they most likely will want to request records from your previous one. If you have a history of substance abuse then they’re probably not gonna give you benzos, i would guess, because they can be addictive. But there are other alternatives, other meds you can take. You’re talking about being followed and that sounds like more than just anxiety. Your anxiety probably makes it worse but i think you have other issues that need to be addressed. I’m not a doctor so i’m no authority on anything, i’m just telling you what i think.


I guess a pdoc just can’t help me then because this guy is supposed to be really good I have no idea why he gives me schedule 2 drugs but denies schedule 4 and 5 drugs… No lyrica no benzo that makes no sense but has no problem giving me a stimulant which I don’t even use by the way haven’t been able to tolerate a stimulant for well over a year now it makes everything worse which is odd I took adderall and Dexedrine for years with few side effects now I just can’t take it

Don’t give up just because you don’t think this pdoc isn’t helping you. It seems like you really want the benzos and are not willing to take APs. Is that how you feel? What is your diagnosis? Because that’s not how sz is treated.

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I don’t want benzos long term but I know it will help if things get really bad and then I could take it. All he gave me was seroquel which I hated and told him I flushed it. All he does is push anti depressants like every other psychiatrist in the US. I don’t know what I need honestly. He just says I have general anxiety disorder and major depressive I know it’s something else but the stigma is so bad everyone will hate me if I get an actual diagnosis they will look at me differently no one will like me anymore. I want people to think I’m normal

Pdocs can only go on what we tell them. Like i said, i think you need to tell him everything you’re dealing with. Again, i’m no doctor but it sounds like you’re dealing with more than just anxiety and depression. You’re talking about being followed and the FBI being scary. If the Seroquel didn’t work, maybe something else will. Sometimes it takes time to find the right med combo to help you.

Sucks your having a bad day, seems like your tripping out really bad about things going on atm,
All the stuff your mentioning/saying has no connection to reality though so I guess that can be a sigh of relief.
You might just have to ride it out until you get back to your residence, make sure your taking your meds regularly etc.
Try to relax get your mind off these things and back to your normal, maybe take a anti anxiety med if you have one.

Hey everyone I called my pdoc and got a prescription for seroquel I’ve been taking 50mg at night and I think it’s helping this prescription should hold me over until I can get an appointment with my doctor and I may change medications I realize not being 100% honest with my doctor is bad not and I’m just trying to do what’s best for myself at this point I think I might need to up my dose a lot though I am still worried about the same stuff but I hope it gets better


Cool that’s good news, it should help sleep at small doses too. Also, that dose is small enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about too much side effect trouble. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been on Seroquel in several different doses.

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Glad you were able to contact your pdoc. Hope things continue to get better for you. Hang in there.

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Thanks everyone for your comments hope you all had a good new year

Sounds like you have paranoia. If you haven’t already been diagnosed with schizophrenia, you probably have it from your delusions. Anti psychotic medication will help you. There are many different ones to try out. Discuss a med change with your pdoc and eventually you’ll find a med that works well for you.

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I am on an AP now guess you didn’t read all the comments I take seroquel for now changing meds soon

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