I think there is a demon trapped in my heart

I know it sounds crazy but i can feel it. The medicine doesn’t make everything go away…It is hard to tell what is real and what is not. But i feel things. There are entity attachments that block, remove or replace thoughts in my head. There are emotional cords that connect us all together and it is like a web.

It is hard to trust people when I want to because i get these insights that usually, do come true. But there is a darkness in my heart that is not my own. It is stealing my energy and altering my vibrations. I’m trying to talk myself out of this but it is hard when i’ve had these visions. I am very self aware at the moment, and usually i am. Which . am i really sza?

I see references everywhere i go. The spiritual inner warfare is real and i feel like my mind is being programmed as mental and psychic torment. IEverything feels very schematic, I can feel their hearts and see if there are parasites. I am afraid of others out of fear. Fear of myself and fear of them.

I died and I woke up in a dream.


Sorry to hear this iam going though the same things with fealings in my body that tell me th in things

Have you considered going into hospital ?

Iam taking meds and nothing helping but I get relief from sage so I think this is more spiritual


My heart would hurt sometimes and for a little while it felt like something was banging on it - trying to get in (not out). I think it happens when your heart is in pain. Don’t get me wrong - take your meds , go to your therapy…do all you can to help yourself through this but maybe this mental execise can help.

But what helped me with the heart thing was internal work, forgiving myself & others for past pain and understanding the lesson in the past hurt - so I wouldn’t have to keep learning it.
Also (good thoughts, good words & good actions) go along way in healing - it takes awhile to reboot the brain but it’s completley so much better living in that head space than one of fear and pain. So self correct…daily, it makes a difference.

When it got bad I would find things to be grateful for anyway, and then I would find a moment of love/joy in my memories and lay down with my hands over my heart and let that other love memory help heal the current pain.
Your heart is beautiful, it’s your life force - their are no demons inside

You just have to symbolically let ‘your demons go’ that have made you feel broken.


This, as mentioned by @arrgghh is the phenomena that I am most interested in, sympathetic towards, and want to know about, in myself and others. My psychosis was this - the seeming discovery of something very unpleasant inside me.

Rather than reject my psychosis, I have spent the last 30 years or so attempting to explain my psychotic experience in a way this is not ‘crazy,’ hocus pocus or what have you.

There are lots of psychologists and philosophers that claim that there is a duality in the human psyche. This theory is proclaimed by very down to earth, rational theorists such as Adam Smith, George Herbert Mead, Mikhail Bakhtin, and Hermans and Kempen.

I work in a department of economics, so I may be biased, but the economic aspect of these theories, as espoused by Adam Smith seems to me to be the particularly powerful motivation for the situation to continue. Adam Smith argues that it is due to the fact that we split ourselves that we engage in human economic endeavour. If we were not split we would rest when we are physically sated, when we have had sex, eaten, we would rest, as animals do. But if we always see ourselves from the point of view of an other which is in ourselves, then their is no end to our desire. We don’t just want a mode of transport to get to place B more quickly, a bike might do, we want a cool car, even a Rolls Royce or Ferrari. We don’t want just an apple, or some rice, but sushi, and caviar.

Few, if any, of these theorists explain however, how it might be possible that we can be dual or split.

But there are a couple or three theorists at least (Freud, Nishida, Rochat) that suggest (or hint) that we can spit ourselves only because the other role, other than our selves, is scary, very unpleasant, something that we do not want to see because it so horrific, and in that sense “demonic.”

The nastiness-theory-of-human-splitting is not complex, but quite simple, and down to earth.

Children get to know themselves from a first person perspective. They then later learn that they are that which they can see in mirrors and that which can be referred to by pronouns and names. At this point, when introduced e.g. to the little person in the mirror, rather than reject their former first person self, they learn to have a relationship between the two selves.Since infants are accustomed to relationships between parents and infants they initially understand their own internal relationship in this way: that they are a parent-child diad. The problem, and nastiness, may come later when this relationship becomes sexualised. Then every taboo comes to bear.

If you are playing the role of a mummy and a child and start to feel sexually self-attracted then:
This internal relationship if such exists would be incestual, between a parent and child.
This internal relationship if such exists would be intergenerational (between a parent and child) and yet sexual so it would be paedophile.
This internal relationship if such exists would be a homosexual relationship (there is only one person in which it occurs, a person that is necessarily of one sex)
This internal relationship if such exists would be a autoerotic (masturbatory) relationship since again there is only one person there.

Then, in a paradoxical way, the overlap of all these socially condemned, abhorrent relationships, the very unpleasantness of this relationship, facilitates its continuation. If it were not for the unpleasantness, the duality would be outed, out of the closet, and then disintegrate, be unconcealed.

Rochat further argues that getting a whiff of the other in self, can lead to schizophrenia: paranoia, voices, anything is better than seeing the duality that is in us (as Pans said).

But maybe there is a way of accepting, or even being grateful towards, nice to, loving in a non sexual way, and transforming an unpleasant relationship into a pleasant, loving (in a nice way) one.


I remember finding the other self in me. It was like bliss. This whiff got me sz. It was with the age of 19 I transformed. These days i am more natural(animal) and try to cut my desires for more and be sadet. My parents wanted me to have more.

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I believe your brain is stressed / inflamed, and that stress is being manifested in your beliefs as a “darkness” of some sort. If you somehow manage to heal the damage, your beliefs will become lighter.

I say this from experience, as I’ve managed to heal a great deal of my brain injury, and my thoughts have become much lighter as a result.

why is my brain stressed/inflamed?? is it in my brain. ive never had a head injury

I went with my kids to see a Pokémon movie today. It was a remake of the first Pokémon movie, with exactly the same plot. The only difference was that it was made using Pixar-like CG rather than drawn anime pictures.

The overall theme focused upon conflict between clones/copies and the real thing, and it felt to be, like other Pokémon movies, and the whole Pocket Monster theme, to be related to the topic of this thread, except made cuter, in a typical Japanese way.

The CG version that I saw is not in English yet but the original, from 1998 has an English language trailer.

It has a happy end.

It’s what schizophrenia does to your brain! When our brain becomes too stressed that’s when psychosis comes out to play!

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