I think the police is after me

I feel like there is a warrant after me.

I am scared that I will be a criminal for the rest of my life.

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You’re gonna be okay. You’ve done nothing wrong.

It’s just paranoia, I think you’re having a bad brain day.

The police aren’t after you. You’re okay.

@Sunlion @Miika
I searched my name on the Canadian database and my name isn’t there, but what if I get arrested when I go back to Canada? Or will they come after me?

They won’t.
If you’ve done something you can be arrested for, they would either have arrested you while you were there or asked the Korean police to arrest you immediately.
Neither of those things have happened.

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I guess so.
I’ve been paranoid about this for 4 years.

I can assure you, if you haven’t been arrested yet, it’s very unlikely you will be.

Paranoia can be hard to shake. And paranoid beliefs tend to be self reinforcing.

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Trust me from someone thats done time in prison a few times. If your wanted on a warrent you would have found out by now. They dont hang about.

I can honestly say its in your head. Make a cup of sugary tea and chill out. Your fine.

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I was on a wheelchair for 4 months before leaving to Korea. While I was there, nothing happened. And the police knows me because they brought me to the hospital before.

I’m just worried that they put a warrant on me after I left…although I don’t even remember what I did.

Well, they would have arrested you during those 4 months if you did something bad before you were in a wheelchair.
And if they only found out later, they would have found a way to let you know.

I used to be paranoid that the police and the CIA were after me but then I realized that if they were I’d just go to jail and prison, do my time and get out and have nothing to worry about. If you have to go to jail just do your time and don’t break the law anymore. It’s that simple.

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I’m in Korea. I’m just worried that i will not be able to return to Canada.

I suffer with the same fear, i also search me up, nothing came up. i realize i was suffering with paranioa. Dont worry its just a delusion im with you, i know how you feel, its scary. if you need to talk about it im here. I understand.

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How long have you lived in South Korea? Are you ethically Korean?

Yes, I am ethnically korean. :slight_smile:

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I know the feeling. I think I was a terrorist and today woke up feeling super paranoid that they will eventually get me and kidnap me to North Korea.

@Sunlion @EternalUniverse @flowers20 @Ashton @oe1489 @SethTheNew
Should I turn myself into the Canadian police or check if I have a warrant by calling them?

No talk to your Dr or if you feel danger go to the emergency. You need a med adjustment. The police is not after you.


Do it before it gets worse.

Police seem to be after me. I’ve never done anything, but people think I have it too good, living in poverty and are always lying about me. I should have a pension and be able to travel.