I think that summer is good

I ride my bicycle in all seasons, even when it is -24 C or +30 C. But I like summer most. Our bicycle paths are maintained in all seasons, but in summer there are many city parks where one can sit on benches. Also you do not need to be worried about ice and snow.

What seasons do you like?


As long as I am ready for summer, I absolutely adore it.

Summer is the best especially after a long cold winter. That drags into spring.

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I like spring and summer the most. Then winter and autumn in that order

My favorite season is fall, I love the colors up here in northern Maine. Can’t beat it.

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Are you near Acadia National Park? @Natron

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My favorite season is spring.
For summer, it depends where i am.
I like the beginning of autumn but I hate mosquitos :confused:

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I like summer, spring and fall the most. I HATE winters and the cold!

Im from Bar harbor Wich is right next to Acadia.

I had the honeymoon trip to Maine three decades ago. We did a lot of hiking in Acadia National Park. Watching the sunset from Cadillac Mountain was beautiful. Maine is a beautiful State. We went to Bar Harbor and did some sailing there. Those were good times. @nate_malloy

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