I think that our voices can dig deep into our minds n memory

My voice used to often say two words in another language. These two words I completely forgot about but was reminded of them when they said them. I had to look them up in the dictionary to double ckeck that I had the correct meaning.

It’s quite fascinating in a way.

Did your voices know things that were TRUE not just jibberish that you had forgotten you knew.

One of the words was ‘precisely’ in the other language it used to say that after a lot of things I said lol


I swear they say things I don’t know or never paid attention to in school. The other day a voice told me that bees are Arthropods. He is such a show off! He could be smarter than me.


Mine threw a bunch of rubbish at me about alien civilizations colonizing Earth using co-opted humans and dead humans reanimated with nanotech. None of it was true, it was just the illness causing my broken brain to echo bad bits of fiction and pop culture back at me and helped make me believe it was real.

It wasn’t.


Our minds store just about everything, but our ability to access the information isn’t always available. Our voices are an extension of our own minds, so it’s not surprising that they would say things we actually know but consciously have forgotten.


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