I think smoking cigs is making me more anxious

I think its making me more anxious and i just need to quit for good instead of thinking about it everyday
The nicotine is producing strong cravings and its a vicious cycle, just one is never enough
Im 44 yrs want to kick habit
Hubby has no problem quitting so thats not an issue its just me thats finding it hard


I dunno i might just give up trying to quit for now and maybe cut down instead :confused:

You can do it! Try using the patch, thats what helped me quit. I just hit 2 months cigarette free last Saturday! I feel so much better mentally and physically.

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Isnt wellbutrin supposed to help people quit too?

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You’ve done really well @Pickpink thanks for your encouragement :blush:

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Maybe start having longer periods in between cigarettes

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I stopped vaping lately. I feel much better.

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