I think reading improves my cognitive skills

Because I’m exercising my brain. Maybe like puzzles and stuff would help people as well. But I like to read…see I used to be way worse cognitively until I started reading about 4 years ago now my cognitive skills have gone way up.


Well done jon…i am happy u are improving… i need that as well…my cognitive symptoms are very worse than anyother symptoms…


Yeah, i also like to train my brain by reading books daily, but no longer than 50 pages a day :slight_smile:

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yeah I sometimes in the past read a whole book in a couple days but so far I’m just getting back in the swing of things so I can only read like 50 pages in a day.


yeah I think exercising the brain by focusing on a book is helpful.with cognition, practice makes perfect. It, also, can help us learn new things or bring about a more positive mood through distraction of thoughts, kind of an escape from stress or monotony.

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My mind tends to flit too much to focus all the way through a book. Especially those 450 page blockbusters.

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I’ve been reading too but I’m a slow reader and I don’t comprehend things like I used to. I think it’s great for the brain. I think taking notes or doing a book report will help you even more.

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I can read 50 pages or even 150 pages a day but I break it into chunks of 20 or so pages at a time. It could take me a couple to a few hours but otherwise, I get overwhelmed.


Before diagnosis I read 3 or so books a week. After diagnosis and for a long time…15 years I read barely anything. Just didn’t have the concentration or desire. I have, this year, gotten back to reading and I agree with you. Mind feels better for sure and it’s good to read again. I found doing a lot of exercise helped get back on the bike so to speak!

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Thanks guys for all the support and advice!!

@insidemind i love the idea of taking notes and doing a book report!!!

@firemonkey i cannot read the 450 page books either…no more than 200 pages for me

and everyone i am proud to announce, i read about 150 pages of 3 different books yesterday!!!

I read the last 60 pages of Dharma Bums and finished it

I read 30 pages of Essential Ginsberg which is a book of poems
I read the first 50 pages from The Hippos Were Boiled in Tanks

So yesterday was a good day for reading…


@Jonnybegood I couldn’t read three books at a time whether in bite sized chunks or not.

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Well one I finished

then I started the book of poems, but realized I didn’t wanna read it in one go

so I started the other novel, so technically only 2 at one time but yeah still pretty good :blush: