I think my WiFi signal can talk to me

Hello! I’ve been struggling with what the title says (I think my WiFi signal can talk to me) for a few years now. I have been having this thought for four years now along with other delusional thoughts, but I recently have been able to battle the thoughts and I can actually make the belief that it isn’t real “stick” for more time than i used to be able to. I do this by finding proof of it not existing and other things that help with removing the delusion. Does anyone perhaps have the same belief or ways to help the delusion stay away for more time?

Signals are invisible to us. Frequencies are continuously passing through our bodies.

I think your wif fi is fine.

My problem used to be seeing images in unnatural light, and the faces talked to me

It took time, but the right meds and perspective I beat it

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Welcome to the forum, wifi can not speak to you, but I understand why you think that way.
I used to think they could see me through the TV and were sending me messages


I don’t have any good advice, sorry. But, I want to welcome you to the forum!!! Glad you’re here

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Welcome to the forums!

My WiFi never spoke to me, but maybe you could call what I experienced an equivalent, just a different technology. I heard voices in my head coming from the TV. I thought I was in telepathic communication with the people I was watching, such as the news anchors.

I don’t experience that anymore since being on meds.

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Thank you! I appreciate it!

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that gave me a lot of reassurance, thank you!

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I’m glad you beat it! I’ll try to take my medication regularly.

Thank you, and I’m glad you got better! I’ll try to take my medicine more regularly.

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Welcome to the forum Sana.

If I had issues with WiFi then I’d switch to a wired connection. Thing is, I would probably still think it was talking to me. Delusions don’t go away too easily.


I have a similar delusion when it comes to auditory hallucinations. It’s difficult to get rid of. In mine, I was picking up a different frequency. Almost like radio waves.

I can relate to the feeling because instead of it being the Wifi for me it’s pretty much sound/radio frequencies.

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Thank you! I’ll try it out!

Thank you for telling me your experience. I’m sure we will eventually beat this!

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Welcome to the forum @Sana !

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Why did you pick bee movie Jerry Seinfeld for pfp

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Lol it’s from my google acc and it goes with my google name, I’ll end up changing it here though.

Thank you, Glad to be here!

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