I think my university is breaking the law (UK)

I start university this September. I’m going to study optometry. As far as I know, the equality act 2010 states that my university should be able to make reasonable adjustments for me to help out with my disability (early onset psychosis). Other universities cover the extra cost of an ensuite for a disabled student if that will help them out with their disability. My university does not, at least for me.

I embarrassed myself by explaining how my disability affects me and how an ensuite would help me out (I hope you people can understand. I have trouble showering and believe it would be easier if the shower was ‘right there’. Also brushing my teeth is hard. Both can be part of sz if you look it up.) and a disability practitioner working with the uni said that they won’t cover the cost (so I would have to cover it) because they have a ‘large range of ensuite accommodation with varying costs’. Most of the rooms are ensuite. The DSA (disabled student’s allowance) people say that the uni should cover the extra cost for uni-owned accommodation instead of DSA covering it these days.

According to autism.org.uk, ‘It’s unlawful for a college or university to ask a student to pay for reasonable adjustments’.

I don’t mean to come off as some poncy rich person demanding an ensuite. I’m not. I applied for the cheapest accommodations at the time (planning to suffer) because I didn’t know the uni was meant to help you out if you’re disabled. I’m going to be living off my student loan.

I don’t think this is legal? I’m not sure what I can say without being kicked out.

Please don’t be too judgmental. Thanks.


I think that you probably deserve the amenity, but the question is whether or not the system is built to do so


Can you talk to the manager of your disability practitioner?

That’s the normal first step when you disagree with a decision.



I’m going to level with you.

If you can’t push yourself to bathe or brush your teeth,

(which is a common issue here so don’t be embarrassed)

How do you expect to be an Optometrist?

And they can’t make accommodations like what you’re expecting.

It’s unfair to the other students.

“Reasonable” is the key word there.

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Thanks for the reassurance. Other universities are able to provide, so I don’t see why not!


Good luck with your battle


You’re right. I will ask about their manager. I just don’t want to come off as a Karen.



I just reread your post.

This is about getting a suite?

I was talking about exams and projects.

I think it’s unfair, but universities do make accommodations for that,

But am I understanding that you are trying to say your psychosis should allow you nicer housing at their expense?

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I expect to be able to become an optometrist because I have been getting the best grades in school my whole life (except for a massive dip before I was diagnosed and treated, which I haven’t recovered from completely).

I am not making up some accommodations that I want. I am asking for them because it is required by law and other universities provide it, such as Sheffield Hallam University, University of Bath (through a bursary), Plymouth (hints at it?), York, Bristol (20% reduction in cost), Reading, etc. There are more but you get the picture. These are just the first few from a google search.


What accommodations do you want and are they about your housing situation?

Because that has nothing to do with psychosis.


I think it’s hard for us to judge. Every country has their own way of dealing with the disabled. And some countries award benefits that others don’t.

I’m not familiar with what you can reasonably get in the UK.


My psychotic disorder means that I have issues with looking after myself. I thought that maybe an ensuite would make it easier for me to look after myself (the bathroom is ‘right there’, no people in it right when I get the motivation to do something, etc.)

I would like an ensuite. I wasn’t going to request one before I knew about the laws in place. I am requesting it because it is available by law.

Regarding this quote, would you say this to someone with severe IBS requesting an ensuite? Or maybe a wheelchair user who needs a bigger room?

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I’m not sure what they’re allowed to do either.

I just question the whole system of accommodations for professions where you need skills like that.

You don’t get accommodations in life.

It’s setting you up for failure.


Yes, I would expect a person with a wheelchair to get a bigger room.

That isn’t comparable to your issue.

Not by a long shot.


Is that because it’s a mental condition?



I’ve got schizophrenia.

I get it.

It’s not easy.

But I do believe that demanding your own bathroom is a little ridiculous and taking advantage of the laws in place.


I can understand how positive symptoms could lead to paranoia around individuals in the bathroom, but wouldn’t that also lead to symptoms in the classroom? That’s what I don’t understand

I just finished university and it was relatively easy, I didn’t get any accomodation too and that’s fine. If you need bathroom beside you to bath and brush your teeth, the university is just not going to accept you as a student because it’s not likely you are able to complete university

In the UK we usually do make considerations for this. But i dont beleive the cost is done by the university or the DSA for this issue in particular. You are only given priority to rent the place - that is as far as i remember the only consideration offered by student halls

I commuted from home partly because i didnt know how to operate a kitchen for example (catered options werenot available at hertfordshire uni)


Actually I told my university my problems and they said they aren’t going to kick me out for it. I managed my A levels fine (after the dip) with barely any revision while having these problems, so your assumption is incorrect. You seem to be assuming that if someone struggles with one thing, they will struggle with everything. That is simply not true.


I don’t think you’re looking at this clearly.

Having decent grades is one thing,

Working is a whole different world.

You’re already asking for accommodations.

You think you’re going to get any out in life?

You think patients will be cool with you not brushing your teeth that morning and being all up in their grillz?

No one is trying to be discouraging,

We’re just stating the facts you presented.

I think if you can’t handle the rest of school without having a suite handed to you free,

You’re going to have a hard time out there

I think I would push myself to work through my hygiene issues because that’ll be important down the road too.

I had the same issue with showering and now I shower every third day.

It’s possible, but it’s not comfortable.

Takes work.