I think my psychosis/sz was triggered by me being a terrorist

How can I tell the difference? Will God punish me for this? Never mind. It doesn’t make a difference because even if I was a mentally ill terrorist, I was still a terrorist and they can still come get me. Still, how can I tell the difference?

And it’s not perfect because even if I wasn’t a terrorist my boyfriend might have set me up.

I’m stuck.

@flowers20 . We have already told you that we don’t think you were or are a terrorist. I don’t think that this triggered your sz. We are kind of just going in circles with this. No matter what we tell you, you always come back to the same thing. I realize these delusions are persistent, but you are just asking us the same things over and over. Do you expect a different result?

The N. Korea thing is not real, you are not and never were a terrorist, your relatives are not clones, there is no such thing as a cloning machine, People can’t be made to look exactly like the N Korean dictator and your boyfriend is not the devil.

I don’t know what else to say. This is just a circle that we have been running around with you in for over a year.


Flowers you are not a terrorist anymore than I am and I’m not a terrorist it’s a hard delusion to kick but me and you and everybody else here are absolutely positively NOT A DAMN TERRORIST!!! It sucks your going through this it’s a sad thing I’m hoping you get better

Ask yourself honestly have you killed anybody are you trying to overthrow the government what steps have you taken to overthrow the government of the answer to the first one is not your not and if your not trying to overthrow the government then most certainly you are NOT A DAMN TERRORIST!!! And I’m not mad I’m just trying to help you think

@ flowers20 I have persistent thoughts too. If I live in them though I’m going to be on Disability, unemployed, and living with my parents the rest of their lives.
After they die it’ll be the street or a Home.

My psychiatrist asked me once “are the delusions still there?” I told him it doesn’t matter because I’m doing what I need to in my life to get better; that a lot of normies walk around with delisional beliefs (like flat Earth) and they are functional. My psychiatrist agreed.

My thoughts/beliefs feel real to me but One Day at a Time I don’t have to act on them.

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I’ll say this again. If you’re so convinced of having been a criminal in the past do the decent thing and surrender to the fbi. And if they don’t believe you, why should we or for that matter you?

I don’t know how to surrender to the fbi. Where to go. And I have no energy to go anywhere. My family doesn’t let me go anywhere.

Just go to the nearest police station. You claim to be obsessed with your alleged past crimes and extremely scared of the consequences yet you don’t have the energy to contact the police? What are you scared of, that they don’t believe that you’ve gone from being an Islamic terrorist to a grounded at home mentally ill woman on her way to becoming the grandiose leader of North Korea?
Wouldn’t that a good thing, that they don’t believe you?

But I can’t leave my house so how can I go to the police station?

you can call them. they will come to you then i think

But then I might end up in a hospital and then a nursing home and then for sure would be less safe. Besides the police know me
They won’t contact the fbi.