I think my mother goes to far

She is trying to dictate me with all means. I went abusive aggressive, I moved out, but that wasn’t good enough. That why I have to take medication and had ect’s. I am not a violent aggressive abusive person. But when I get pushed, where I suppose to go ? I want to live on my own in the Forrest or monastery. But know I can’t cause I have to take medication. My anxiety is through the roof. I can’t even breath anymore. What would mcgyver do ?

Build a bomb out of chewing gum, matchsticks and a paperclip?


Ok I done that. What to do with the bomb ?

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I remember this episode of macguyver where he was temporarily blind or something and had to drive a car while someone else (who had injured hands) told him when to turn, always sticks out in my mind.

Sorry you’re feeling down. I lived on my own for a little bit but my mom visited a lot and brought me groceries.

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I wouldn’t need my mother when she wouldn’t have disabled me. But it’s not to late. Threaten with suicide doesn’t work either. How many times do I have to tell to get my message across without getting violent abusive or aggressive. Maybe when I tell her in Chinese. I got to learn Chinese :100:

It’s like in the movie “misery”. :clapper: Anyways I don’t take this deadly medication anymore. When the mental health system shits me I die of asthma. When they are afraid of going to hell it’s not my problem. I believe in hell on :earth_americas: earth. I suffered enough pain and agony.

Maybe I should try to make friends with a dugite snake. But they like to be left alone as well.

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