I think my mom is stealing my precious things

i am finally realizing what an abusive mother i had all the years.

i had a small prayer book for sabbath candles from israel from my only child, my daughter and she i believe either threw it away or gave it away to someone she wants instead of me.

this has all happened before. my favorite gym pants she gave away and whatever else she notices i really like amoung my stuff.

when i came home from chemotherapy all whacked from treatment she used to scream at me and call me names on top of her lungs.

she doesn’t care if i live or die so why should i love her?


Love is a personal thing. I’ve gone thru periods where I didn’t love my mom because of things she did to me. At one point I stopped talking to her for close to a year. Love is up for you to decide, it’s not a given

you know what else she does? she curses me from time to time.

she wrecked my relationship with my daughter as much as she could.

oh i could make a long list here but not at this time. i am not in the mood.


hi. sorry. i have calmed down now and realize it is all in my head these things regarding my mom.

she really ain’t bad at all!! sorry again. judy

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Hang in there Judy!

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