I think my friend is schizophrenic

I’m not actually close at all with her anymore, but we were best friends for about 9 years. She ended up having some medical problems freshman year of high school and stopped doing her work. She stopped going to public school and did homeschooling her sophomore year but didn’t keep up and ended up failing the entire year. It is now our junior year and shes posting all over twitter that people raped her and that everyone in our small town is in on it. She’s questioning if her parents are actually her parents. She is saying that people are breaking into her house and stealing her clothes and have spyware on all her devices and is convinced that people in our class and older classes have taken nude photos of her and molested/raped her. She believes that all of her friends, including me, were in on this whole thing at some point. She’s saying that a girl who graduated two years ago broke into her house and bleached her eyebrows and also that people are constantly drugging her. She says she has called 911 and that no one believes her and that there is all kind of evidence of all of these things happening but that the FBI is with holding them from her. Me and my other friend who was also very close with her are very worried. Her parents aren’t doing anything. She recently stabbed her dad (not fatal). I’m worried about her safety as well as mine. What can my friend and I do to help her? How do we go about getting her some kind of treatment when her own family won’t acknowledge that something is seriously wrong???

Have you considered a respectful conversation with her parents expressing your concerns? Her parents might be more involved than you know, but treatment might not be working yet, so you don’t want to jump any guns before talking with her parents to see how aware they are and if they are already trying to help her. When you say

I just wonder how you are sure of this.

Have you tried directly contacting her parents and talking to them about it? Maybe they don’t know what to do.

Well this definitely sounds like paranoid delusions. I would try to contact a hospital and ask them questions.

Those sound like symptoms of a thought disorder. I know a lot of people with it and so it’s easier for me now to notice. Schizophrenia is not as uncommon it seems. I think the stigma associated makes it worse for people who have it, to reach out and recover. Those are all signs I notice other people when they’re paranoid or not on medication. IDK I’m starting to wonder if it’s a type of social hysteria or engineered by our failing infrastructures, or human disease is just becoming more common. Thinking of Venezuala and organized crime…it’s becoming so common now…no one seems to know what to do.

My other friend has been in a little contact with her and she is currently going to a therapist but the therapist doesn’t believe her either. I know the type of people her parents are. Trust me they aren’t doing anything other than most likely telling her she’s crazy and to just get over it. Her parents aren’t the type of people to do anything about this.

Well I don’t trust that you have psychic powers and know that her parents are not doing anything, especially since you just divulged that they sent her to a therapist. The therapist doesn’t believe her delusions, that’s good, means the therapist knows your friend is delusional. The next step should be getting on meds.

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