I think my body is weak

I noticed I got tired just holding my head up when sitting in the computer chair, so I switched to sitting on the couch.

I hope my body doesn’t get weaker. Well it probably won’t get stronger as I age I just hope it doesn’t get to a really bad state.


In used to sit whole days in front of the computer by the desk. Now I can barely sit two minutes there until I must rest.

I have a laptop by the couch now! I lie on the couch most of my days. I listen to music and check eBay. That’s almost the only thing I have energy for.

I should mention exercise but you know it already.

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How old are you @speedy? Did it happen with age? I’m 31, I hope it doesn’t get too bad when I’m older.

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I’m 39 soon to be 40. It happened because I suffered from severe negative symptoms. I had my first break at 30!

My negatives have improved a lot. I’m slowly getting my energy back! :wink:

You are still young. Don’t you have anything you want to do? Try yoga, boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, spinning or some sort of exercise??

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Yeah I’m relatively young but I feel like my body is failing me sometimes… when I can’t even sit in a chair without feeling fatigue, do even old people have that issue?

Well I guess laying down and using the computer isn’t the end of the world if it comes to that.

It’s strange though cause when I walk outside I feel like my energy levels are average for my age, although not optimal.

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