I think manic is contagious 😉

My youngest Brother was diagnosed with bipolar 1 last about a year and a half ago. He’s 22 and been doing better…

getting the hang of taking his meds… figuring out his triggers… learning how to balance his life… not easy to do when your 22 year old collage buddies are frat boys.

So he went to a few parties… drank and made marry… missed his meds for a few days… and went into a full manic blow out. Up all hours… euphoric… ready to start his own cult… rearranged my apartment at 2:00 a.m.

He’s been hanging with me because his dorm mate can’t take it.

The past few days… I’ve been feeling amped up… less able concentrate… a bit more hyper and all over the board… focusing has been almost impossible. It’s been hard to get my thoughts together… brain wipe has been happening a lot.

It’s been a fun ride… love the euphoric energy… love the mind expansion…

But the out of body (depersonalization) has been almost constant these past two days. I haven’t been connected to myself for a while. I woke up this morning sitting in front of the kitchen door… back to sleep walking. Some of the sneaky brained thinking as has been creeping back in…

Some of his ideas… start to sound like good ones… I know that is bad sign.

I think his manic energy is catching… Hope he goes home soon.

Has anyone else felt infected by the mood of others?

I think you and your brother are becoming Crazy Buddies…

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I often infect others either is positively or negatively, I know it. But I don’t feel much infected by others.

I’m sorry you’re going through that, he will calm down eventually and you’ll have your peace and quiet that you so deserve.

Good on you for taking care of him though. You’re a good egg.

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:laughing: :laughing: That was almost a coffee out of the nose incident


Sometimes when others are in bad moods I take it too heart to much and let it affect my mood when I should just remember they’re struggling and it’s probably not me causing them to be “hostile” but rather their own selves.


what goes up… comes down… he’ll crash eventually.

It has been a bit wild having that tidal wave of boundless energy bouncing around the house. He’s in the feeling good stage… I know the ugly part will be here soon.

It sucks. I was manic since morning, an hour ago became depressed. It’s my day-to-day… I’m used to it but still, relearning how to deal every day.

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I have an amazingly wise 6 year old niece who once told me how she ignores her older brothers temper tantrums. She said… “It’s like when he get’s cold… he’s not cold at me… he just forgot his coat.”

for some reason… at the time… that helped me not take other peoples bad mood personally.

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When I’m not doing well, I’ll refuse to come home because I think I’m contagious and everyone will be hurt by my contaminated brain.

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