I think I've been very ignorant about Schizophrenia

But that doesn’t mean that I cant change that? I used to see mental illness as a weakness in yourself. So I kind of followed that stigma and would prejudge those with mental illness. But I realized that, come on, be mature here. So yah keep fighting the good fight to those in the struggle! Yeah I know, you can sometimes feel bleek, but, youknow, trudge forward and remember, getting it isn’t the end of the world. I feel I got something to owe


how are ur negatives Symptoms man ,!!

TKIC how is your alogia? Has it come back and is it worse/better than it was on Invega? U said it came back, now sometimes its better, sometimes its worse. What is a typical month/week like? Can you come up with things to say in conversation? How fluent are you? Are you still able to be fluent, spontaneous and elaborate?