I think it's time to turn A/C on. Ha


Poor lil’ guy 1515

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It’s a fight to get my wife to turn the AC off. She’ll run it until icicles are hanging off the cat.

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nothing wrong here with fans and ice. but today and tomorrow will be mighty hot. and I don’t want to sweat in my new recliner.

My wife is entering menopause and is always ungodly hot now. She’ll try and take the internal temperature down to 15C. My own problem is that I have crap circulation because of heart issues and tend towards being cold. A less than auspicious combination.

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never was told how long menopause typically lasts,

I would think I’m out of it by now, but still sleep with a box fan on me,
mainly for the background noise.

Last night was horrible. Alexa turns on the aircon if inside temp passes 24C, which it did because my daughter has a friend over and they decided to bake sheet cakes at 1 am in a heat wave. We had the bedroom door closed to keep the noise and the light out so the cold built up in the bedroom without reaching the living room Echo Plus that monitors the temperature. It was reading the heat from the oven. I kept telling Alexa to turn off the bedroom aircon and my wife would snarl and turn it back on. Spent the second half of last night sleeping in my recliner in the basement and now my neck is arsed.

I think we’re reaching that age where separate beds and rooms are needed. We can do the occasional nookie in the hallway when the kid is back in uni and call it good.

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yeah, we sleep in separate beds here,
ever since he said I’m a bed hog.
can’t help it, not used to having a man in my bed.
ahh, I hate neck pain, you got any Alleve?

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