I think it is good for me to be content with just one's own company

As in have no friends and such.

Because it is good for me to be prepared for the worst case scenario that I have no friend connections including family etc.

Do you think it is possible to be happy with no friends etc.?

I ask because I always used to believe that we are social creatures who need connecting

But I can’t force people to be my friend. People, including myself have the fair freedom to choose whom to make friends with.


I need to be content with my own company first.

Before I make close friends.

Because then I don’t fear rejection.

But is it possible to be content with just one’s own company in life.

And how so?

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I have activity friends moreso than just regular friends. I have two long term regular friends.

I think its harder to make long term friendships as you get older. Plus technology kind of puts a barrier to face to face friendship building

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I made friends at my community mental health place. I would be severely struggling without them. You need to have plenty of support, even if it’s just your family.

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I mean, you shouldn’t want to be alone. We’re social creatures by nature. Ever see the movie “into the wild”? This guy goes out into the alaskan wilderness to be alone and dies. As he’s dying he scribbles out “happiness only real when shared”. I think there is some truth to that.

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Clubhouse gave me friends. thankful.
Not an answer to your question though.


i am actually content with my own company yes.

and yes i liked clubhouse too.

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Its a hard call. I haven’t always been there for myself but at the same time nobody knows me better than me :smiley:


I love being social but I can groove by myself quite easily. I think it’s a balance for me. I need my quiet side to enjoy my social side. Confusing. You bet you but that is how I roll. I like other people. I need to connect with them and 20 years later I talked to my ex wife on the phone today. I just find it impossible to write off people who I have been close with…

So. I woulnd’t give up on friendship. It really does make life more interesting.


I have no problem being alone. I have spent extended periods of time by myself with only contact being phone w/family. It just doesn’t bother me. I do tend to talk to myself a lot, but that’s another issue. I enjoy being around other people, I just don’t require it.

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