I think in my country they have dropped subcategories of sz in naming the dx

They just say schizophrenic illness now

I think that’s what it is in america too


Tbh, I can’t figure out why sz and sza are separate disorders. What’s the difference between me (sza depressive type) and someone with sz and mdd?

The DSM dropped the sub categories here in the States too.
It’s just schizophrenia now too.

Sz is sz
Sza is sz and either bipolar or depressive type

Sza is a thought and mood disorder combination

i think they should say something like ‘your ■■■■■■’ or something haha but seriously

its not all like that, we’re not ■■■■■■, i think with help we can improve, i know i have :slight_smile:


Yeah, I got that. What I don’t understand is how sza depressive type differs from having both a sz and an mdd diagnosis.

edit: same with bipolar type

I have no idea how to begin and TRY to make sense about that, sorry lol

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Lol, it doesn’t make sense! Like, how can you say that I’m sza, but not sz because I have depressive symptoms, but that man over there has typical sz, but also has mdd (not sza) due to his depressive symptoms?

I’m truly clueless. I just know I’m sza lol

The new ICD has dropped the subtypes, yes. In practice, they’ve been pretty much dropped here too, even though we don’t have the new ICD yet because it’s still being translated.

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