I Think I'm Staying Away From the Psych Ward

I got a card in the mail the other day.
Dear Blizzard:
We miss you. We’ve got some treatment that we have in mind for you that will light up your World. We have some old fashioned ideas too.
Hugs and Kisses
The Psych Ward Staff


Ha ha! One year when I spent a lot of time in the psych ward I sent them a Christmas card…never heard back whether they got it or not!

You must not live in the United States
This would never happen here


Haha. Never heard of that in the uk either.

Sounds like you made this up!


Yeah I did. That’s why I put it in the creativity section. I did seriously hear someone from the Psych Ward say there were some things he wanted to try with me once. However after I was gone from the Psych Ward for several months some of the Psych Ward employees came out and shook my hand.


Really or are you still being creative?

Well the shaking of the hand was real. What I “overheard” could have been an hallucination. If you are talking about the original post yeah that’s fiction.

That’s pretty funny hahaha. If only it were real.

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