I think I'm starting to get more flexible from my stretching routine!

I’m so happy that I can feel some progress happening!

I mostly stretch my legs, and a bit torso. But I will maybe extend the routine a bit. I’m quite stiff in my neck and shoulders I think.


Cool! You could assess your flexibility with different tests, and take measurements.

How far can you reach if you try to touch your toes with straight knees?

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Great! I stretch but I haven’t noticed improvement yet.

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How long have you been doing it for?

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About 2 years. Maybe 2.5 years.

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Its amazing how much difference regular stretching can make.
I started doing taichi for a bit this year and that had a huge impact on my balance and flexibility. Didn’t lose weight or anything but I felt healthier and in a better physical shape for doing it.

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That’s wonderful to hear! I’ve actually been working on my flexibility and strength in my legs and back daily, and am happy to say that I have seen great improvement! This has definitely been a positive in my daily routine as I encounter the 247 distressing/fearful phenomena I experience. I only hope you continue to progress positively in your stretching and life endeavors :dizzy:

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Thank you @Watchers . Glad you are seeing improvement!

@StarCrazy Yeah I find it really good to stretch especially after cardio exercise, cause it helps calm the system down. (I can get anxiety from intensive exercise sometimes)

That’s exactly what I do! I tend to go for a run then do my stretching routine and myofascial release afterwards. It helps greatly with improving circulation and just overall well being :slightly_smiling_face:

What is myofascial release? I have heard the term before but don’t remember what it is.

Here’s a short summary of how one professional describes it:

“‘Myo’ is the shortened word for muscular tissue. ‘Fascia’ is a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that goes from the very superficial layers of muscular tissue to the very deep layers and all the way down to the bone,” says chiropractor [Chad Adams, DC].

He describes it as part of the body’s scaffolding.

“It gives our bodies levers and fulcrums so we can move,” he says. “If part of that system is compromised, we get less range of motion and less of an exchange of nutrition for the joints. We also increase our sensitivity to pain and increase our susceptibility to early onset of degeneration.”

I feel a bit healthier from the stretching routine. Like my body feels more like it felt when I was younger.

The same goes for me :+1:

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Will the healthier feeling reach a plateau after a while, or for how long do you think I will notice improvements? I think I’ve been only stretching for 4-5 days or something.

Btw could you share you stretching routine? What stretches do you do? I do a fair bit for the legs, but I don’t have much for the upper body.

I grew up doing competitive gymnastics, so I currently do stretching for rhythmic gymnasts. I’m not sure if it would be safest for someone without any gymnastics background to try. I don’t want anyone to end up getting hurt from it :grimacing:

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