I think I'm sitting around inventing hell

I didn’t know it was such a conscious effort.

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We all make our own hells.

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If it is so easy to invent hell, why would you not try to invent heaven instead?

I think we often have faulty thinking which leads to negative emotions. Events can influence emotions, but we can influence events when we really want to. Like how I like to say that we write our own stories–we are in control and have some power over what we do, but the same can’t be said for what happens to us, no, but we can better manage what happens to us. It’s called cognitive restructuring; to target the cognitions (thoughts) in order to experience better emotions (restructuring our experience) in a nutshell that’s what it is.

The bottom line is that yes we can create our own hell if we never challenge our thoughts. I sometimes get on here when I feel down, it helps me feel better because I make sense here. I guess sharing my perspective makes me feel like I am doing a little bit of good most of the time.

But my hobbies and interests and tastes are maybe not exactly exemplary at times. Like how I wear all black. It’s a little creepy to some.

But challenge your thoughts! I myself am known for getting work done very quickly and understanding theory very well but neglecting detail because I am too focused on the big picture. Like format mistakes and typo mistakes on a solid thirty page thesis in psychology. That’s what I had to deal with today- my little errors while getting the big picture. It results in an emotion of less anxiety to just get the big picture. It results in less anxiety for others and myself in the long run to pay attention to detail.

Just my thoughts.

Maybe you could think of one or two uplifting things to invent - or maybe better - leveling things.

Well, at least it’s better than standing up and inventing hell.

Depends on how you handle it, but not letting that stuff affect you is easier said than done.