I think I'm secretly the Cookie Monster

I eat cookies almost everyday. I always have cookies around. I got a Walmart delivery today, there were cookies in there I don’t even remember ordering. I still had chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter creme cookies, dark chocolate fudge dipped oreo cookies and dark chocolate biscotti left from previous times. I could stop ordering cookies for 2 months and I would still have plenty of cookies. I am the Cookie Monster.


My dad eats a lot of cookies. I find them okay once in a while but I am not a big consumer of cookies.

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You’re not the cookie monster. The cookie monster has never successfully eaten a cookie. Ever.


Do you like Vienna Fingers? I love them, but I don’t know anyone else who does

you should see the mess of crumbs I leave! lol


Can I be your understudy? I have “C is for Cookie” set as my ringtone.


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Don’t eat all my cookies!

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I guess I’d call myself the ice cream man, lol. Every time I went shopping, I would buy a tub of ice cream and it would be gone within 2 hours. I have no control when it comes to stuff like that, so I’ve cut down on buying it.

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