I think i'm reaching the right state of mind to start toking satans oregeno again

I will not continue this, you clearly think of me as someone else, because you don’t know me yet you assume a bunch of stuff about me. I don’t really care what you think, as long as you keep yourself from giving advice when the advice is terrible. You just hit a nerve on me, that’s why I think you don’t know what recovery is, since you seem to believe is some sort of a cult to be inclided towards it. Yet you use this forum as a way to unload all of your delusional thinking, hoping someone will give you some attention and reassurance, well you’re not getting that from me. If it was up to me you wouldn’t have delusional thinking, you would understand what I’m saying and wouldn’t make comments about my personality when this is the second interaction we have with each other.

As I said, I’m on a bad mood today and I’m out of this discussion.
I won’t “tell on you”, if the mods see this they will act accordingly to what they think is right.

So essentially if it was up to you I wouldn’t have freewill to disagree with you? What a profound statement. I think it is time for you to call it a night or maybe take some deep breaths lady, you’re not making sense.

Your head feels foggy, everything’s funny, you are sleepy and slightly out of your body.
Objects are fluid and so are you.

Bad if you hit a bad trip, then you get paranoid and you pray to God to make it stop. You just want to hide until it passes.

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Colours are brighter, music sounds nicer, you get that high feeling in your head but you don’t do stupid crap like on alcohol, you get hungry and enjoy food more, and you think more deeply about things. But then there’s the paranoia you usually get, the fatigue, the foggy brain and the logical fallacies which can escalate to (short-lived) delusions. also it makes it difficult to talk about important things with other people because of the foggy brain and because you are not as in touch with your feelings when you smoke weed regularly.

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Reality is distorted so you can easily fall down or crash your car Lol.
Also, you will talk inappropriately because your senses are blurred.

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Let’s face it, you have no argument except pointing in your little holy book, the dm, and yeah, the same mod who banned me for saying to a satanist on these forums that I find it a ridiculous notion that satan is a divine being and will not entertain such ideas, the mod stating I was not showing tolerance for diversity. The following weeks after that he let this individual have explicit debates about how rape does not exist and women actually want it. You definitely have the moral high ground here missy. Only in your little world on this forum are you people upstanding individuals.

Yeah, driving is not a good idea… I’ve never said inappropriate things when high but I have said weird things, and it makes me nervous around others.


All in all, you will appear pretty dumb to people around you, regardless of you feeling like genius. Hilarious.


How are you doing, @Sarad? Talk to me on this thread:

I don’t see myself on that perspective, I don’t believe in any of the things you posted.
Look, I don’t really want to fight you. We disagreed on the alcohol thing, that’s it.
Would never take away your free will actually I’m very much in favour of those that can live without meds and be happy. I can’t and I prefer my sanity over the need of being right in my delusions. It’s a choice, you have your own choice and I respect that.

Have a nice day


See that is the funny thing, you say I assume when you assume I don’t take medication, when I do take medication. Want to kiss and make up now? Or must I take a colon cleanser and become a vegan too?

Whatever Daimon.

I never enjoyed the high of marijuana that much. I smoked a fair amount of it in high school, even though I rarely bought it. Every time I turned around someone was handing me a joint. People loved to see me get high. Alcohol is my drug of choice. It’s legal, and it doesn’t make me paranoid, though it does have other unfortunate effects. Probably hard on my liver combined with psychotropic med’s.

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I do not drink alcohol either, here it is controlled and special stores can sell it (if it is stronger than beer), beer can be sold by grocery stores, kiosks and other stores like that, it is not uncommon at all to see people carrying 24 cans of beer at once from stores, people consume a lot of beer, sometimes I would like to buy a bottle of cognac from the alcohol store and drink it, but I do not because of my meds.

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@crsaen You can do whatever you want … but… taking in drugs or booze is like adding fuel to the fire.

I stopped experimenting with drugs early on in my life, glad that I did.

If you want a chance to recover, smoking weed is not the solution that you are looking for.

Just my 2 cents on it.

The county next door to ours - Benton County in Arkansas, recently stopped being a “dry county”, meaning that they didn’t sell alcohol in any form. Now, in Wal Mart they have all these imported beers that I would just love to try, but they won’t let us buy beer or any other form of alcohol on town trips. All I can do is fantasize about it.

No bueno muchacho. Do’nt do it man all the stuff is gmo’d which makes the effect worse on the mind.

Chale con ese jale.

Locked for the above reason. That, and Daimon’s endless trolling. Please stop feeding the troll, folks.

(Wearing moderator hat)

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