I think I'm eating myself to death - is this true binge eating disorder?

I think I want to eat myself to death deep down. Like I wanted to look anorexic all my life
I was trying slow suicide with 60 a day cigs…?
But now it just seems like 5 or 11 puddings and constant snacks
I idolise my young friend who is slowly dying of morbid obesity and I think I need to go back to therapy
This really parallels anorexic thinking
I had no idea when I started this
I’m 42 yrs old BMI 33

Hi @Thanna

slow death is not funny. It is tragic and you will suffer a lot especially if you get a lot of disabilities =( especially from smoking. Wish I can quit too. Now I am only decreasing.

Please see a doctor to take some medication. Exercise if you can.

If you are on a medication, could be it is increasing your appetite? could you consult your doctor?

33 BMI seems fine? just some exercise? maybe ?

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It’s bad to be out of control. You will have to find a way to regain control of your eating.

Death by fat?
Ew, nothing more disturbing than the thought of not being able to wipe your own butt.

Please get help. Your body dysmorphia has just changed forms.

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