I think I'm developing a delusion

I’m getting twinges of the good old simulation delusion.
Never had it before.

I’ve been overworked and sleep deprived, so hopefully it goes away once I get a few full nights of sleep.

I still have insight, and I’m aware it’s all in my head. But I seem to see “proof” everywhere and it seeds doubt.

Aside from sleep, how do I combat this?


Cling to your insight. Beside medication I see no other options.

In the past I was ignorant of my condition and took steps that were harmful or useless waste of time. Only after I understood some of the principles of how hallucinations and delusions work, that is when I gained insight, only then I could combat them.


I’m not gonna lie, my insight is dwindling. I’m trying to be logical, but my head keeps throwing counter arguments

These rationalizations are pointless and harmful in my experience. Unless you actually present them to another person, in which case there is a slight chance you may gain insight from the process.

I tried to explain my experience in a different post. What is your one (or more) unusual belief(s) that you still can't shake it off? - #51 by vladyslavbond

I use anger as my weapon.

Quite often I have to lose my temper with myself when things like this start occurring.

Pretty sure there must be better coping mechanisms.

Would probably have known them soon if I hadn’t refused psychology today…

I had the simulation for a few minutes. First I just had a thought ‘hey, what if all this isn’t real and It’s a sim’

Then I got up to wash the dishes to distract myself, it didn’t work, I felt like I finally figured out this game but then I thought the people who were running the game panicked and tried to send me some distractions. First one was a dog coming to the door, that’s when I panicked, then all of a sudden my mother comes back into the room (another distraction) that’s when I really panicked thinking my mother was told to come into the room at that time like an actor. I accepted that it was a simulation for a split second.

The thing that helped me rationalise my way out of it was just realising that this is reality, if you walk off a cliff, it will hurt and you’ll die, we are very easily damaged species, and just how bonkers it is to think it’s a simulation, that’s for that insidemind guy to think, not me or you! I imagined telling my mother that it’s a simulation and it felt stupid. You have helped me rationalise my way out a several dangerous scenarios so you need to drag yourself back from this one! This is reality, reality is silent, the earth is alive and real, the birds are real the soil is real, everything is real,space is real etc. Hope you can rationalise yourself out of it

I can’t :confused:
Logcially, I know we’re not a simulation.
But my brain keeps convincing me otherwise

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I know its scary when you see “little clues” pointing towards the delusion what I try to do is talk myself out of it basically but its time consuming :pensive:

What evidence do you have that we are in a simulation?!

No evidence, just my brain telling me stupid things that make me doubt things.
Like how humans are unpredictable, yet incapable of being truly random. Or how coincidences sometimes happen.

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