I think I'm burning out

Hi all,

Well, it’s early Friday evening where I live and at about 1 p.m. I think I past out sleeping again and I almost slept through supper and my meds again, but thankfully woke up at around 6:07. I had planned to go back to my Mom’s again this afternoon, but of course that wasn’t a good idea. Hopefully, this will finally be a chance to turn my sleep cycle around, before I might go into another dysphoria. This is definitely cause for concern! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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I hope you get your sleep back on track. Maybe cut back on coffee if you’re drinking that?

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Yeah, I think the coffee might be a problem too, but you think it would wear off as the day goes on.

You might be a slow mataboliser of caffeine. I’m pretty sure I am.

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I’m sorry, I might be having memory issues …

But didnt your mom pass away …



I’m emptying out the house so we can sell it.

Weird how you refer to it as that after her passing …

Normally, people would address it as ‘the house where mom used to live’,

You know, like in a past tense ?

Not a present tense.


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