I think I'm being brainwashed

I think that there is a machine making me think crazy ideas


It’s just your mind playing tricks on you.

I sometimes think that someone has a voodoo doll of me.

We all come to bizarre conclusions when our brain misfires.


Yeah. I recently contemplated that the wifi-routers installed in our homes were individual brain washing and control devices.

But ofcourse it doesen’t stand to reason. If it was so someone would have discoverd it and shed light on it.

Thought someone did some kind of black magic on me during my first episode… thought I was psychic and a light worker etc. And that numbers were secret messages…

I know better now.

I think the government is inserting thoughts in my head. It scares me


Aliens / illuminati here…

I love to have a brainwash and come out clean on the other end. Sadly, it’s not as straightforward. Memories and life experiences can’t be deleted. Actually, I like it that way.

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I know my old best friend was brainwashing me, he’s now pretending to be IRA

dont be afraid to clean your brain

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Brainwashing from the media to religious organizations scares me. I try to have a life devoid of such rubbish. The problem is I feel as if I live in a vacuum now. I should be more in tuned with my surroundings. I am out-of-touch now. But, I keep my head clear of propaganda and crap that could befuddle my mind. It’s hard enough being ill. Why waste my mind on conspiracy theories and fake news? I’m trying to survive away from such garbage. So far, it is in my benefit since I don’t suffer from delusions and paranoia as much.

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My head is an empty cavern with wind blowing through it :open_mouth:

you aren’t being brainwashed…there is no machine which can do anything like that…you are ill I think…are you on meds? do you see a psychiatrist?

I feel this sometimes too

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Yeah. I worry about brain washing etc. it scares me @LunaNoir

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Sometimes I will be reading or thinking about something and something random comes in my head and I’m like wth where did that come from

Maybe it’s the schizoprhenia? I definitely relate…

Yeah. Me too. 1515

. Just too weird sometimes… but I try to ignore it

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I have had some seemingly “supernatural” events to do with consciousness as well as my disease playing into it. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is merely transformed God bless! I could talk ages about my supernatural experiences, but it would probably freak everyone out so I wont.

I guess my willpower had something to do with evolving my consciousness enough so that I was no longer having such outwardly insane paranormal experiences.

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It just feels like my brain is functioning like a computer software sometimes …
Stuff a natural mind can’t come up with and translate into something my brain is telling me is real …
Like, really?!
It’s like a freaking hard drive in my head