I think I'm asexual

I think I’ve been put off sex for good now. It was nothing I expected and although I’m glad I did it with him in particular I just think I’d want to do with someone who I have an emotional connection with next time coz I didn’t really enjoy it. :slightly_frowning_face:

My first time was not good at all. I spent two years without doing it afterwards. It’s natural not to like the first time, it hurts and we don’t really know what we’re doing. But after a while it’s good.

Not saying that you’ll like it, maybe you are asexual, but don’t jump into conclusions just because you had a lousy first time. It’s absolutely natural.


I didn’t make a sound I don’t know if that’s normal

It is. Don’t worry, ish, it’s natural.

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Hmm I guess it was just something I wanted to experience and now I don’t care for it lol

When I grew up the media taught you to look but not touch so when you did it the first time you had nothing to compare it to. But in today’s world the media tells you what you should feel … ecstasy or rape, one or the other. B.S. – I.M.O.

After my first time I thought I was either asexual or gay. Turns out, the first time just sucks. You don’t have to ever have sex again though, if that’s what you want. I’m glad you did it so now it’s not some weird mystery.

I’m not asexual but just haven’t been with anyone in 15 years. Not particularly bothered though as I reckon anxiety would stop me from performing.

There’s been times in my life when I wished I was asexual. It doesn’t make any difference how well I dress and carry myself, what kind of music I listen to, or even how much I masturbate; it’s still too damn high. It’s one of the reasons I want to stay single, because I don’t want a woman I was with to play 2nd fiddle to it. It would just be nice to focus one person in particular and that would take a load off. One thing I’m looking forward to about getting older, though is having it drop off. I don’t want to be a dirty old man. I know there are some people on here that due to medication, have really no interest in sex at all. But trust me, being on the other extreme isn’t fun either.

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Hi @anon80629714. I’m glad it was a safe experience for you.

I feel asexual too. Even though I have been in my current relationship for 9 years, I just don’t have much drive.

Common for girls not to enjoy their first time. Sometimes takes a few tries to get to the point of enjoying it.

I’m just shy of asexual as much as I am borderline hypersexual, on top of that I have physical romantic attraction often at odds with my physical attractions. I remember walking back into town after what
I at least think was my first time, with my then girlfriend (we waited four months) and the walk was silent for the first ten minutes or so, and I turn to her and say “Well, at least we aren’t virgins anymore right?” and she goes “yeah I guess”

Oh boy. I haven’t met someone I could even go there with in so many years, last girl, not my type, couldn’t happen, wasn’t attracted was what I could get but just had been through too much in my mind. Before that I walk away from someone I feel I’ll be kicking myself for a good while for leaving only to meet this girl in the psych ward who was like the hook-up no emotional connection sort, like dealing with an alien, I can be friends with aliens but when it comes to that…I don’t know. Not that any untoward conclusions can be drawn here, I’m versatile, interesting in a relatively normal way and yet can not be but influenced by my first (I think) experiences, very personal with someone I loved.

Anyway, I feel the need to say that you are highly attractive Ish, and if you are asexual I salute you. I guess though, sex is no uncomplicated thing, perhaps the most complicated of human interactions and I believe anyway we are all a work in progress to the day we die. May we all figure ourselves out.

I would rather have a girl who is quiet than a girl who fakes her moans very, very badly.
I vaguely remember having sex ten years ago.
But now that I think about it, I would rather have the fake moaner than nothing at all.

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A sexual what?..

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I’m going to have a word with my GP today just for safety you know :flushed:


Do you have any specific concerns that you would need to speak with your GP about @anon80629714?

I hope you are ok.

I’m ok @ turtle think it must have been food I ate lol

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