I think I'm a misunderstood genius

There’s is no other explanation for it. And I’m cute too.



Now go kick life’s ass with your newfound esteem.


I feel the same way…misunderstood genius.


I feel like an average person.


Nothing wrong with that. Gotta start somewhere!

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@77nick77 there’s different types of genius. You’re a genius at figuring out ways to overcome adversity, and at still keeping a positive outlook on life despite seeing a lot of the terrible things in the world. That takes a lot of skill.


Life doesn’t stand a chance.

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Thanks @ninjastar, I appreciate it. I found a few years ago that I do have a knack for solving problems in life.

On bad days schizophrenia fools me and tells me I haven’t won anything in life, ever.

On good days, I’m King of the Hill, basking in victories, telling myself, “Of course I’ve won. A lot.”


Well, you’re definitely a survivor and one of the few to make it in life. I think you inspire a lot of people here too. Your humor is good too.

I also think I’m a genius sometimes. I mean I was, but not anymore. I think if I got my schizophrenia cured I could be one with time. Maybe some vvyanse or something could increase my IQ by 5 points at least too. I could lose some weight and get back to life. That or I would go completely bonkers again.

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