I think I'll take up stinkology

I’ll study people’s attitude toward their asses, their friends’ asses and their foes’ assess. Then I’ll know what makes some people sociable and others, not.
You know me by now. I couldn’t let a week go by without mentioning our bottoms.


Show me an ass that doesn’t stink and I’ll show you a person about to die of starvation.

Aaaanyway, your idea sounds fant-ass-tic. Keep us in the loo-p !

Ah, but I’ve been known to love the smell, both of my own and others. (As well as hate it)

There’s a scene in “The Last Emperor” (of China) where they show a guy with very large nostrils smelling the child emperor’s poop and recommending a change in diet. Apparently they used to hire someone for that particular job.

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@chordy 's new title–
Professor Ass Assessor

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Go ahead and change my tag line, @Moonbeam I’ve earned it. :upside_down_face:

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