I think i will soon have a diagnosis of COPD _ very mild now but progressive and fatal

I’m waiting for results of a diagnostic tube into the inside of my lungs
I have already got a confirmed chest infection which will be repeated in 2 more months with a second CT scan

I’ve got a mucus cough
coughed blood a little
and am easily breathless chronically
I think (although this is before I get a phone call next week) that it will confirm early COPD

I will have if this is the case a decreased life expectancy and a limit to how long I will still be able to have a normal life

I’m married to a life long working man (in the railway)
If I have say 5 years of being relatively healthy I think i will ask my husband to take a very early retirement
hw might be able to take compassionate leave if he is entitled to money from his work
sell our house and buy a much smaller place
and then get to have a few years travelling holidaying
basically spend my inheritance much if which is in this house
If he has difficulty finding a new job he would have my (after my death) 10 -14 thousand a year from my trust fund
we could have up to about £200 000.00 directly from the houde about £40 000.00
for say 5 years before my health declines very significantly
I’m a former smoker so my prognosis would not be good
i would have my £200 a week benefits as well

apologies for talking in numbers
I trust people here better not yo troll than some other websites.
I realise you guys are not financial advisors
but do you think this is a reasonable idea?
we would need 15-20 000.00 a year to live on and would garner 30 000.00 a year for extremely great bargain holidays
I would ask for a guess medically how long I have
factor in loss of earnings 20 000.00
only thing left to factor in would be a natural spending shift
possibly away from luxury items towards extra expenditure of my husband not being at work all day

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I’m so sorry for you :frowning_face:

COPD patients can live for a long time, and if they quit smoking and such, they can extend their lifespans for a long time.

My grandpa has it although he hasn’t smoked in like, 40 years. He takes his meds and keeps healthy, and he’s had it for at least 10 years. He’s not yet dependent on oxygen, and porbably won’t be for many years.


It might not be fatal @Thanna.
People can live long lives with COPD.
Just quit smoking if you do so.

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My dad had it but it has reversed after he quit smoking and he doesn’t have it anymore. Your lungs can rebuild themselves.


COPD is not a death sentence. It can be treated quite effectively, and many patients live long, productive lives despite their diagnosis. The prognosis of COPD varies greatly, depending on its severity and how much lung function has been lost. And it is important to get regular follow up, take your treatments regularly, get all important vaccines (especially flu and Pneumovax). And, stop smoking.

Removing any irritants and toxins can take some of the load off of the lungs and enable the body to heal more effectively. Try to avoid as many airborne toxins, fumes, and smoke as much as possible.

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