I think I stop all sexually related activities

I have not had any sexual activities with a woman for many years, I think that I stop all sexually related activities and thoughts … what do you say?


If that’s something you’re okay with, then good. I’m in the exact same boat as you, but I still have thoughts.

Someone once told me men who don’t masterbate can sometimes develope testicular problems. This could be bs though.

Is it chemical castration by medications or is it due to sz itself?

It is the combination of many things, I just think that I feel much better when I do not have sexual thoughts or have no sexual activities.

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My pdoc said me that negative symptoms are mainly an addition of :

  • real negative symptoms of schizophrenia
  • iatrogenic slowing and depressing effects of medication
  • after-effects and/or effects of post-psychotic or any type of depression
  • avoidance of cognitive overload

Maybe do you avoid libidinous overload and its eventual triggering and destabilizing effect?

I’ve not been in a relationship for a long time, but I still have thoughts and if I don’t look after things, I can’t sleep and get cranky. If you don’t mother nature will, with a wet dream

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I believe that there are some men born with no nature for it; or who can naturally lose an interest for it, after a while.

You mean there is a male version of dusting and cleaning ?

I used to masturbate quite frequently but getting quite bored of it… Would rather a partner to participate with sexually… Need to get myself one, prompto!

Generally speaking, I don’t have the ability to stop all sexual activities and thoughts. I agree with Freud that I do have the ability to repress them, which will result in those desires manifesting in self-destructive ways.

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The thing is with anti-pyschotics, is they reduce will-power. It literally induces the state of,sleep walking. all anti-psycotics are based on tranquillisers. We need better medications and honestly, we need them now… Don’t worry though, keep wanking away! Hahaha! If anything, try exploring Tantric Masturbation. You’ll find the results even more intense and enduring!

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True, though I believe that a person’s environment and actions would ultimately determine whether those desires will manifest in self-destructive ways or not.

I’m was a very confidently (homo)sexual person, but I’ve internalized a lot of shame about it as a result of my illness.

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I’m heterosexual, but please don’t feel any shame in being homosexual.

My sexuality is no “better” than your sexuality.

Elanor Roosevelt said that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. NEVER give anyone consent.


Excellent advice, but easier said than done sometimes.

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I stopped ten years ago when 4 billion women on this planet all got together and made the decision for me and they decided I would never have sex again. It makes me mad, but I have to say, I admire their organizational skills just the same.

Sex is evil
Evil is sin
Sin is forgiven
So lets begin


Just do it!.

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If only I had someone to do it with. |:

Any reasonably attractive male volunteers, in their early to mid twenties? :smirk:

I’m much older, I was afraid of doing this, but duty calls so I’m putting myself out there.

Ladies please for a orderly line up, no pushing or shoving. :stuck_out_tongue: