I think I stomp my feet when I'm walking

Then I wonder why they hurt…

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My mom has a tendency to do that . She is not very light on her feet. I don’t know why.

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I think it was my mom’s way of holding a fart.

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Hahahha. Of course it had to come down to farts. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

Don’t laugh. The no farting rule causes much pain.

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I had a devil of a time running track my ninth grade year because I stomped on the ground when I ran. It gave me shin splints something awful.

yeah. shin splints. they expected us from sitting in desks all day, to running. huh?

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You need to stomp your feet when you sing:


:man_dancing: :dancer:


Yes. They hurt. I didn’t have much finesse in those years.

Maybe that is why some many Americans had knee problems a little while ago. Now they need to address carpal tunnel syndrome. That causes a lot of misery and takes a big bite out of people’s lives, as well as a big bite out of business.

I’m going to watch Packers with Phil, don’t you want to Crimby? I gotta go over and get money though, my parents, on the door handle. yeah, I guess!

I only watch OU football, but I hope you have a good time watching what you want to watch.

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