I think I stink 🤪

I keep smelling something gross wherever I go!! Common denominator…me.

Me thinks me stinks! Ew

“scratch the groin and sniff test!??” lol. :smile:

All us blokes do it - when you got stale nut sweat its time to bath lol.

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Alittle soap and water will take care of it.

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Wear deodorant, that will sort it out

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I’m getting to the age that I ask nurses how to sort out such hygiene issues.

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I was in locked in the psychward and couldn’t smoke. I can’t deal with my smells. Humans smell gross. I don’t know how i can numb my smell and new tastes. Cigarettes have this pleasant foul taste.

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COVID alters the senses of taste and smell.
Could be this.


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