I think I start telling everyone that I have schizophrenia

They all ask why do you work here ? Why don’t go abroad to earn money ? Why I am not sailing ? Why I live with parents ? And so on … what do you think?

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I confess to friends often. For instance I opened up to my tattoo artist who said he has anxiety and depression. I told him I hear voices, I have schizophrenia


Just say you’re happy doing what you do. If you mention sz, they might pull back socially, which, if they are annoying you, it might be what you want at the moment. Take a deep breath.

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I wouldn’t mention mental illness at work, for me it’s never brought good things in the past

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No I will not tell them becouse then I need to get in detail not worthy

My former, short lived guitar tutor didn’t want to know about my problems. I think he thought I had autism or something at the time and didn’t want to know.

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