I think I should stop drinking soda

I think it fuels my anxiety.


Do so! It will help you feel better.


That’s great!
It will also help you lose some weight


Giving up soda is always a good idea.

Great for your health in a lot of ways.

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and make you fat lol

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Caffeine always makes my amxiety like ten times worse. I drink it anyway cause i like the taste. I get soda like every 4 weeks and drink a 12 pack in 3 days. Its my replacement for beer. I snap the can and chug like i would beer. But those unhealthy times are over. Going on 7 months sober


Yeah sodas with caffeine fuel your anxiety. And all of them lead you down the road to diabetes.

I think you should - it means there is more for me.


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I drink cream soda it doesnt have caffiene in it

I gave up soda a long time ago. I drink Litago(chocolate milk) as leisure drink instead.

You can get sugar & caffeine free Soda.

My parents used to tell me not to drink fizzy drinks all the time

Fruit juice contains just as much sugar. I don’t think carbonic acid in the soda is bad for ones health or teeth either.

I could never go back to drinking water or squash/cordial.

Caffeine is defo the thing fueling your anxiety though.

Total Pepsi addict here. Consuming a 12 pack a day for years. All diet. I’m diabetic.

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