I think I scare my therapist too much

Every time I bring up any symptoms I’m having, even if they are fairly minor for me, she starts bringing up hospitalization. I wish she’d stop as I know when that is necessary for me and when it isn’t. My old therapist listened to me and took my word for it when I explained that a symptom was normal for me or mild. (On the downside she often didn’t do enough when I was actually in crisis) I feel like my new one wants to treat everything as some sort of emergency to be dealt with. I need something in between.

Today we wasted all session talking about hospitalization, having a plan for it, and what it would entail and why forced hospitalization “wasn’t so bad” and all that. I would rather have been talking about other things. Maybe I should stop seeing her :confused: What do you guys think?

Like I told her how an evil spirit was harassing me last night but I fought it off and then when I turned off the lights I could see evil things around my bed and trying to climb on so I had to turn them back on and she said “That must’ve been so horrible and scary!” But I’ve experienced so much worse before, it was honestly more just startling, and the evil spirit event was frustrating but it didn’t actually get to do anything to me so pretty minor as far as those experiences go. Another case of someone seeing something from their point of view instead of trying to understand mine.

Do you think she has much experience with hallucinations? In my experience most therapists don’t.


She said she had had a lot of experience w people w psychosis before. And she does have a phd. But it’s not her speciality or anything, there’s no one w a psychosis speciality in my area. And she seems even more concerned about my depression where like any time I mention I’m depressed she brings up me becoming suicidal and hospitalization and I’m like I’m depressed a LOT and that depression also often comes with suicidal fantasies/fantasies of death but very RARELY do I find myself in situations where I actually am planning to kill myself. That’s literally happened twice in my over a decade of having depression. And I’ve never even attempted.

I’d rather be talking through my feelings and why I may be having them then talking about potential hospitalization all the time.

Maybe she is fairly new to hearing these sort of things. Your last therapist may have dealt with a lot more patients experiencing these kind if things.
My last therapist was like that, when I even mention death or something she instantly assumed I was going to kill myself. What helped was one day she brought me a form to fill out, with my “Emergency Plan”. The first question was what I would need in the case of an emergency. I didn’t know what to write, so I just put “a safe place”. The rest was emergency contacts and what imo constitutes as an emergency.
After that, she stopped doing that, but would instead just remind me of the plan, every time she felt it necessary. Maybe you can explain this to her and maybe do the same?
If all else fails, you can keep trying till you find someone you like.

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Perhaps it would be good to talk with her about what is normal for you and what you can cope with and tell her some of the experiences that say to you that you need hospitalization. This way she can see the range of your symptoms. Also bring up that you would like to talk to her about troubling feelings.

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My therapist is a PHD and like most therapists has very little experience treating psychotic patients like myself.
Maybe your therapist is the same.

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It’s possible your therapist is engaged in some kind of ploy to keep you from dwelling on your symptoms too much. I’ve learned to be careful what I tell my therapist. I was in a mental hospital in Dallas and I told a drug and alcohol counselor about my suicidal ideation. He called my pdoc, and all my privileges were taken away and I was confined to the ward for a month. Another time I told my pdoc that I had given a couple of my Klonopin to a girl who was withdrawing from heroin, and he yanked me off the Klonopin, no questions asked. So now I think about what I am going to say to my therapist before I say it. If I told my therapist every time I thought about suicide I never would leave the hospital.

I may just have to find a more battle hardened therapist :disappointed: Buhh. I’ll talk w my psychiatrist about it as he had recommendations but I didn’t take them bc this one was closer to me.