I think I pissed off the pizza guy

Oh, what a situational comedy this wouldn’t make

Gene: hangs up phone. Oh, I think I pissed off the pizza guy…

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I almost read this as I pissed on my pizza. Lol


I often hang up on people without waiting for them to say bye.

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the reason could be a series in itself…

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What happened? 1515

Nothing happened, it was all in my head. And the pizza was delicious.


Social anxiety is fun. I once told a cashier “thanks, love you too, bye” and I could feel my soul leaving my body. These moments are always bigger in our heads than they are to the people we spoke to.


I’ve done the same thing over the phone. It just sort of slips out. But when I worked for AT&T at the call center I have heard people say they love me here and there. I got a good chuckle out of it…and several women telling me how sexy my voice is. :joy:


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