I think I need to read novels to improve my imagination and u derstanding of fantasy worlds others people's Imaginationsations

I have o e book dune. I was started to read it but read only first chapter. Tomorrow I will try to read more. Maybe I will have better imagination


I loved reading novels before sz. I bought physical copies from Amazon after checking best reviews. I can’t read books or novels since I got sz.

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I can’t read books. Just don’t have the capacity to do it anymore. Sometimes I can only just about manage a movie.

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Sorry guys for that I can read books. But I’m not really passionate about them

I am happy that you can read books.

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Thanks. I think if you really wanted you could read them too. Just need to be interested in that. And when you start it becomes easier. It’s like a gym. First day is easy then harder and harder. But you grow muscles if you not stop

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I am sticking with films.

Unfortunately my head just gets overloaded with books.

My reading skills have always sucked

Apparently people scan read, but I go one word at a time and I am very slow

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I started reading a lot again this semester. I feel like me again a little… time to try writing

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I read like a fiend :nerd_face:! It’s not uncommon for me to have 2 or even three books in progress at one time. Generally I’ll kinda skim through to get the characters, tone and general overview, then again slowly for comprehension, which always shows me how much I missed by skimming. Also, sometimes I’ll just challenge myself by taking on something ruinously difficult, for instance The Republic by Plato, or the Beowulf saga, just to keep my mind agile.

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