I think i need a haircut

So my hygiene has gotten really bad again, i keep trying to get myself to clean myself and brush my hair and whatnot but cant seem to do it. Now my hair has gotten super knotted up. See

Lookin pretty good eh?


U could trim ur hair matt…!!!

Wow I love your negative symptoms style. :slight_smile:


Man, before I got on antipsychotics I never brushed my hair. It was super, super knotted. After I got on an antipsychotic I realised it was ridiculous to not brush my hair. It took me like 3 months of using a product called “knotty boy” and a special comb to fully unknot my hair. You have to brush your hair!!!

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I have long hair also.

Yeah i usually brush it, just been really bad lately. And i cant find half my stuff after moving out of my ex’s granted i havnt looked very hard


Brush it everyday. If you don’t eventually it will get to the point where it will be so badly knotted you literally will not be able to brush it at all.

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Getting a haircut used to be easy when it was the barbers who cut my Dad’s and Granddaddy’s hair. Now it’s younger female stylists generally who may be nicer to look at but can also give me a difficult time by trying to socialize with me. When you don’t have a car, job, and are on disability it’s difficult to answer the simplest questions about yourself. When your disability is not apparent it’s difficult to hide the truth about my schizophrenia as well. I guess if they were non family barbers I’d still have trouble with it. Sometimes i wish my hair wasn’t growing as well as it always has.

Dude, is that a real picture or is it doctored? Get the haircut, I don’t want to disturb you but as a schizophrenic myself I wouldn’t want the looks in public I would get with that hair and beard. I wouldn’t even want my neighbors seeing that. I understand bad hygiene but maybe find a regular barber you trust and plan to get a haircut at least once every two months. I’m not judging you, just trying to help.


I’m sorry to say, but I agree with 77nick77 on this one. I know it’s difficult, but you’ve got to try to care for yourself.

Woa. Haircut definitely…

If you have problems caring for your hair then a shorter cut may work better for you.

Just a suggestion though…

I didn’t realize I was so hard to agree with, lol. Now people have to apologize for agreeing with me? I didn’t realize I had sunk so low.

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lol That did sound bad, didn’t it?

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Honestly I don’t mind men with very long beards and long hair. I think it’s a unique style.

That said, it doesn’t seem like this is actually your style. It seems more like negative symptoms are getting the best of you. In that case, I would absolutely say get a cut if you don’t think you can keep your hair untangled and clean. Self confidence is also boosted with a brand new cut! I know mine is when I take care of the things I’ve neglected. (Sorry eyebrows :weary:)

It’s important to keep up with hygiene for obvious social reasons but also because you don’t want to get ill. Regular showers help ward off bacteria and other gross stuff. I’m not sure where you are, but there is a serious flu outbreak in the US (maybe just New England not sure) and hand washing and showers keep you out of the doctors office!

Oh my God, your hair is really great, I want to have it, I will not remove them all, I feel very cool, it will take a long time to grow, I have to say I can be an artist, no joke .I was serious
Just think I should shampoo every day. There is really trouble nursing. So I think the short hair is most suitable for me haha

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Get your hair cut ASAP!!
And your beard needs to be trimmed too!
I don’t have the neatest hair in the world but my hair is at least short.
I need a haircut soon.

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