I think I might have got my neutransmitters stable with supplements and medications

Today is the first day I’ve been feeling quite normal since I got diagnosed with sza over two years ago.

The two supplements I’m using are suntheanine and beta glucan. Beta glucan clears up the glucose uptake in the brain from cholesterol and suntheanine gives quite strong wakeful alpha waves. I’m using 2 to 4 pills of doctor’s best 150mg suntheanine and beta glucan from bulk supplements.

I’m using the supplements with invega 234mg and depakote 1000mg.

I’m about 99% free of auditory 3rd person voices now and I’m going to keep doing the beta glucan to hopefully be 100% voice free with meds, hopefully reducing the med amounts I’m taking.

@Aziz have you tried beta glucan?


I’m thinking its got to be the blood glucose and cholesterol that plays a big part in silencing the hallucinations.
Before I was successful with zinc and prozac, but got too tired with it eventually. Now I’ll just clear up the cholesterol and get sleep with depakote since my mind is too awake if I don’t take it.

No, the only supplement that really worked for my negative symptoms is Mucuna Pruriens, the extract I took contain 15% L-DOPA. After 1-2 weeks it was making me irritable and angry but I was able to get out of bed, exercise, bike outside for 1-2h, hangout with friends, etc

I dont have any positive symptoms on meds even when I take no supplements for a long time.


My negatives are down now and no positives.
Beta glucan raises serotonin and suntheanine more of dopamine.

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Might have to think vegan diet now and alternate different fibers for happiness since beta glucan alone doesnt do it. Antidepressants and mood stabilizers just take it too far so your left out without motivation.

I think that’s the best brand of L-theanine. It’s the only one I use now.

Beta glucan also removes toxins and heavy metals

give up caffeine and sugar and my doctor told me to take GABA

About days: it’s nice when you get a good one!