I think I might have diabetes

I am always quite tired.

Also overweight

And also eat badly for decade now.

What’s the difference between the glucose test and the acg1 test?

I’m not sure if it’s called acg1 but something like that.

A glucose test will tell you how much glucose (sugar) is in your blood at the time of the test.

An HbA1c test will give you a number that represents your average blood glucose over the last 3 months.


Ah okay that’s good to know.

I will look further into the second test I’m curious as to how they calculate this from a sample of blood.

Thanks Blossom

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Interesting stuff.

So hba1c test measures how much sugar is attached to haemoglobin (part of red blood cells)

It is an average result over 3 months because that is how long a red blood cell roughly lives.


I’ve recently checked for diabetes because my father had diabetes and I’ve got a headache every time I eat carbohydrates and stuff like rice and white bread. My vision got blurry also.

They did the blood work and told me that my hemoglobin level is at 5.5. according to them hemoglobin level over 5.7 or 5.8 is in the danger zone

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Only a doctor can diagnose you with diabetes @LittleMissSlothy

An AC1 test is your average blood sugar levels over a 3 month period.

It’s a snapshot in time.


Sounds like you are just below the danger zone. Might be a reminder to you to check how much carbs you are eating.

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I’m very overdue my last blood test. I will go soon to get it done.

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Your doc can tell more after tests. I have diabetes and I have two meds for it. In addition I can test my blood with the blood sugar test device by myself. I need to check my feet every evening to make certain that there are no scratches because any wounds in feet takes many months to heal.

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Thanks @mjseu

Yes, I already have cracks in my heels so this would be cause for concern if I am diagnosed with diabetes I suppose

I looked in my last blood test report. It says that my glucose is 95 and A1C is 3.8

Any insights?

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I don’t know, sorry.

Maybe someone else knows

For UK the diabetes sugar readings are like 5 or 4.5 I think 7 equals diabetic

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Yay. Even not pre-diabetic at my last blood work ( which was one year ago and I was 20 kg heavier).


Hey thanks for sharing this is good to understand

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Here is what the guidelines in Canada are. My A1C was 6.1 with my last blood test.

A1C is better indicator of the severity of your diabetes because it is a 3 month average, a quick home blood test is your immediate level. Short term spikes are not too much to be concerned with, it’s when it is consistently high, a high A1C, that you have to really worry.


Consistently high blood sugar is a longer term problem, if your blood sugar is high for a long time there are all kinds of severe health complications that can arise. Low blood sugar is more of an immediate problem, you can feel nauseated, light headed, dizzy, sweaty, etc… and if it drops too low, worst case scenario, you can slip into a diabetic coma and die.

Edit: If your blood sugar is low it can easily be solved with a glucose tablet, or a cookie and some orange juice, anything with some sugar in it really…

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Thanks @Headspark

I really want to get this a1c test now.

Seems much more reliable


Yeah, A1C has to be done in a lab. Talk to your doctor and setup an appointment to get your blood tested.

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I had big cracks in my heels. When I stopped wearing shoes with flip flop kind of soles they went away