I think I might have a med induced headache

I restarted pregabalin (lyrica) two days ago. Yesterday and today I had horrific headaches. In fact I woke a this morning from the pain of a headache.

I just assumed it was sinusitis but looking at the NHS website it says pregabalin can cause a bad headache in its first week.

I will play this situation carefully. Am taking no cold meds just in case. Have some Tylenol but only if things get real bad. Have menthol rubs I am inhaling in case it is sinusitis.

Tbh I feel a better now than 7 hours ago so whatever it is maybe I am getting better.

Thanks for your time folks


Well, the only thing Lyrica did for my husband was weight gain. A lot of weight gain. Like 100 pounds in a year. It never helped his nerve pain like it was supposed to. Once he quit it his weight immediately started going back down. It may not be a good drug for you. Some people swear by it though so who knows?!

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I gained 60 pounds on Lyrica within 6 months. Still took it, but got sick of the weight and stopped after a year.