I think I might be delusional because

If I learn to like my physical imperfections but the rest of the world or majority of the world sees them as unattractive.

Does that mean I should be proud to be delusional.

I think so.

Yeah but the majority of the world is probably unattractive by those standards too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What do you mean?

I just meant that most of us are physically imperfect, as you say.

There is self-image, then there are others point of view. Self-image is probably more important , so it might as well be positive

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When I see someone else with the same physical imperfections as me, I don’t see it as a big deal, but on myself, they are a big deal.

I want to learn to like those things therefore but it’s very hard when the rest or majority of the world sees them as unattractive

Yea I guess I should say ‘imperfections’

It’s like what the majority or whole world thinks has a huge influence on my self image.

It is tragic.

Welcome back, haven’t seen you around

I think i have a big nose and a smaller head lol…

It feels lonely having such a delusion though.

Maybe I should just agree with the rest of the world or majority of the world.

So that I feel less alone in that.

And less crazy

Sorry @anon83141956.

I know this causes you a lot of distress.

Thanks @anon83141956 . Yeah, I took about a week off. Kind of in a different headspace

No worries, you were just trying to help.

I think it’s healthy to accept our imperfections as part of who you are. No one … and I mean nobody, is perfect



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Sadly, we are often our own harshest critics. We need to learn to treat ourselves with compassion and kindness.

I guess we are all diamonds then.