I think i met a drug addict at a gas station

I was buying some fried chicken, when i left i was holding the door for her but she gave me a piss off look like she f@cking hating eyes like hell, she look like sh@t, i think she was on drugs. What a weird interaction. :grimacing:


I had one of those moments earlier in the week. I was out for lunch with my two sisters, we grabbed some food and were eating in the park. There was this young lady who was obviously a few months pregnant, but I didn’t think anything of it

But when she walked by, she stopped and stared at us from like 6 inches away with this weird smile on her face and nobody home. It was kind of sad to see. She was obviously stoned out of her tree


There was a lot of tweakers in gas stations in reno, I remember one time after a concert at an am/pm there was a guy with headphones plugged into nothing, he was dancing and he peed himself and then licked his own pee off the floor with his hands while at the same time drinking a 40, and that’s not even the weirdest thing I ever saw there.


The gal upstairs was yelling “Jason! Jason!” so I looked up, and she was trying to get my attention. She was quite drunk.


I got pushed in the metro to almost falling by a drunk lady while going outside the metro. She was talking to herself and smelled awful and had the alcohol breath.


omg wtf wow guys, dont do drugs. I swear i thought this lady was about to attack me or something i was scared shitless. She had hate in her eyes or something idk. thanks god i just drove off. Thats the last time i’ll see her again.


She’s probably on drugs too, she looked homeless.

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